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About Us

  • High Quality Materials
  • Warranty
  • Advanced Insulation

Highest Quality Materials

Cutting edge technology, the highest quality materials Including USA made Balboa controllers and USA made Lucite acrylic.


Industry leading warranty for peace of mind, back by nationwide service network.

Advanced Insulation

Advanced multilayered insulation Including our exclusive pipe lagging system to ensure your spa runs as efficiently as possible.

Get into a Revive Spa today.

Get started by searching our models to find the perfect spa. First, find the perfect size, then the layout and jets you want. Finally, enjoy the everyday low prices and purchase your spa! You’ll find better quality, better specifications and the lowest prices with Revive Spas.

Our Story

At Revive Spas we had a vision to bring the very best spas to New Zealand.  Revive Spas only use the best, most proven technology, the biggest international factories and the latest, most up to date manufacturing techniques for our customers. With a lot of research we found that Revive Spas offered high end quality and performance, at a reasonable, family friendly price.  Our Revive Spas directors have years of spa pool experience, they know what's “under the hood”.  Revive emphasises no tricky marketing, just good honest pricing and amazing service with spas that they would have in their own home. Often asked why our prices are so good, the answer is simple.  No middle man, no million dollar showrooms, no flash TV advertising, we keep expenses low, and pass it on to you.

Revive Facts.

Why are our prices so good?

  • Traditionally New Zealand Spa pricing is some of the most expensive in the world, retailers traditionally have huge margins driven by lack of competition. We bring you pricing the rest of the world pays.
  • Revive Spas don’t have big flashy showrooms, flashy advertising and huge staff numbers, our savings are passed straight onto the customer.
  • We are a family business, with the personal touch. A happy customer is more important to us than making millions for overseas shareholders.

Running costs

  • Our spas have a unique insulation system that adds at least 2 extra layers of quality insulation compared to competitors.
  • USA made Balboa controllers use cutting edge M7 technology to ensure the lowest possible running costs.
  • Our spas have the lastest technology and finest quality insulation systems available. We only use premium materials to give the best possible performance. Meaning the best possible running costs.

Maintenance guide

  • There are a variety of products you can use to look after your spa, including chlorine and bromine free options. All spa brands require treatment of some kind, we set you up with the simplest and easiest methods. Beware of tricky marketing in this area,
  • All our spas are backed by comprehensive manufacturers warranties.
  • Our nationwide service network gives our customers peace of mind. Our staff are ready to take your call anytime. We can be reached by phone, email, and Facebook messenger.

Steps to purchasing your Revive Spa


Number 5
First choose the perfect spa

- Decide on how many people you want to cater for in your spa
- Are jets important?
- Which areas of the body do you want to massage?
- Is the spa deep enough?
- Does the spa fit in your area?

Number 6
Decide on a budget

What are you comfortable spending on a spa?

Number 7
Find your spa in our range?

What spa ticks all your boxes?

Number 8
Final Questions

- Research on the website or give us a call?
- Look for information such as warranty, power requirements, colour choices and viewing if required.

Number 9
Order your spa

Send an email or give us a call. We will back to your as soon as possible to answer any questions, provide all the information needed and help you purchase your new Revive spa.