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Buyers Guide

This step-by- step guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to buy a spa pool, how to maintain it, and why there’s never been a better time to add one to your home.


Spa Pool Benefits

The decision to purchase a spa pool is not only an investment for your home, but also for your health. After just one session in your backyard spa pool, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice.
Revive Spas can help you feel amazing from head to toe, while giving your family a place to create
memories that will last a lifetime. Owners of a Revive spa can look forward to years of relief from stress and pain. When you make the smart decision to buy a spa pool, you’ll enjoy a level of relaxation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Whether you want to soothe your muscles at the end of a hard day, or just unwind with neighbours after
a weekend barbeque, relaxation is only moments away when you have a Revive spa.
From impromptu family get-togethers, to easing aches and pains our spa pools will perform as you

Whether you’re seeking a spa for some family fun, or an intimate escape for a moonlit massage, Revive
is a spa that’s perfect for you. Revive spas come in a range of shapes and sizes, with each model
offering its own unique set of features, carefully crafted to deliver maximum efficiency an comfort.
Even with all of these choices, picking the perfect portable spa pool for your home is easy when you
know what you’re looking for.

When selecting the spa pool that will make the best addition to your home, it’s important to consider a
few key elements. Here’s a look at what makes Revive spas such a smart choice, along with some
features to keep in mind when choosing the right spa pool for you.

A Revive spa pool is a self-contained, above-ground spa designed for quick installation and easy

Revive spas offer more ergonomic seating options and more advanced Hi-Flo jets. With features like
soothing water falls, LED lighting, and full body massages, they offer the complete set of luxury options
to suit every requirement.

What Else you may need:
Once you have selected your spa you may wish to include some of our great accessories. Many are
included as standard in your Revive Spa such as steps. Our cover lifters are exceptional quality and
make using your spa even easier.

When comparing different outdoor spa pools, one of the first decisions you’ll face is how many people
you’d like your spa to comfortably fit. Depending upon the size of your family or how many friends you
typically entertain, you’ll want to choose a Revive spa that has enough room to accommodate

Seating styles and the various types of spa pool jets are other big factors to keep in mind when buying
a spa for your home. Each seat contains different types and configurations of jets to target various parts
of the body. Find a model in the Revive range that has a configuration that suits you.
If you suffer from discomfort in your neck, arms, legs, or back, choose a spa that has jets to specifically
address that area.

Rest assured that no matter what part of your body needs attention, our selection of spa pool
hydrotherapy tubs have specialised seats and jets to provide you with the relief you’re looking for.

Your Revive spa is hand built using the latest technology and quality control systems. You can rest
assured that each spa has a 12hr water test before leaving the factory and each system is individually
checked and double checked.

Using USA made Balboa controllers, warranty back by Balboa themselves, you be assured the the
biggest manufacturer of spa control systems in the world means you have the most advanced controller

Revive spas have a 305 stainless steel frame, no rot, no rust, Built tough.
Your Revive spa shell is moulded from USA made Aristech acrylic. The world leader in Spa acrylics.
This shell is reinforced with 4 layers of fiberglass strengthening, meaning they are built to last.

Plumbing efficiency is maximized through hi-flo plumbing systems, and hi-flo jets. Our premium quality
jets use threads rather than tabs to attach to the jet body, meaning longer life and increased reliability.

If you’re looking for a spa pools to help you get more out of life, spa maintenance is simple, quick and
easy when you choose a Revive spa. Our spa pools were designed for easy maintenance, letting you
spend more time enjoying your spa.

Requiring only an average of 10 minutes per week, spa pool maintenance is easy. We specify Ozone
as standard in all of our spas, and you can also choose our premium UV system to dramatically reduce
chemical usage. We offer free ongoing advice and guidance as part of our after sales service to ensure
you get the most out of your spa. Remember that regardless of what some marketing will say, ALL
spas require something in the water to kill bacteria, we have a range of options including non-chlorine
options that we can advise on.

Revive spas also feature a Pure filtration system help you maintain clean, pure water.
As a new spa pool owner, you’ll need to learn how to test your water’s pH level and its alkalinity, and
we will be more than happy to walk you through the simple steps. Our aftersales support is one of the
key aspects of our business to you.

All spas have a cost to run, we can advise you to ensure your gettiing the best efficiency out of your
spa. Revive Spa are designed using the latest materials and technology to ensure that you have the
best possible running costs from your spa. Our mult-layered system exceeds industry standards
Revive Spas come in many sizes and seat configurations so that you can find a spa that best enhances
your lifestyle.

Perfect for big families or those who frequently have guests over, they have large footwells and are nice
and deep for those tall people in your family. They often offer a range of seating and jet options to ensure neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet have
a full massage

Medium-sized spa pools are great for growing families or for accommodating groups of four, or five.
These are our most popular size spas often around 2m x 2m or 2.1m x 2.1m
These spas can have a variety of jet configurations and seating styles to deliver a high-quality
hydrotherapy to any area of the body. Many of these spas offer 1 or 2 recliners and some seat options.

Ideal for couples, and those who don’t entertain often, small spa pools offer an intimate spa
environment without compromising on quality.
If you have limited space or simpler needs, a small Revive spa with a capacity for two, or three adults is
perfect. They don’t compromise on massage and jets and work great on a small patio or deck.

Its always a good idea to check out a spa. Don’t judge a depth of a spa by its outside height, and think
carefully about jet placement and comfort. If possible visit a local dealer and sit in a range of Revive
Spa models to see what suits you. You may even be able to arrange a wet test if required.

Coming from one of the largest spa manufacturers in the world, Revive spas have the international
history and experience to ensure you’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Revive spas offer a thorough and simple to understand warranty without fine print exclusions often
found in competitors. Bang for buck, we believe that Revive Spas are changing the industry, never before have the world premium quality spas been so affordable in New Zealand.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal Spa pool for your home, it’s time to start thinking about where to put it.
Spa pool installation is a painless process, but there are still a few things to keep in mind when
preparing for your investment’s arrival.

What to do when your spa arrive? Placement is an important part of the spa pool purchase. What
base do you need to place the spa on, electricity requirements, and access

We recommend that you place your spa on a concrete pad 100mm thick with reinforcing or a deck that
is built strong enough to hold the weight. Don’t forget to factor in the weight of people when thinking
about the strength of your deck.

Electricity requirements are simple, usually either a 15amp plug of 32 amp hard wired.
Consult your local electrician for good advice regarding hook up as each house can be a little different.

We can assist with making access easy, many of our spas come with steps as standard to make
getting in and out a breeze.

Get Started on Buying Your Revive Spa

When you buy a Revive Spa, you also invest in a lifetime of wellness. Revive spas are built with the latest innovative features, making them easy and enjoyable to operate. We've always taken pride in offering the highest standards of customer service and after-sales care in the industry.

Buyers Guide Strip Img


Water Treatment

What is water balancing?

Water balancing is the adjustment of chemicals in the water to recommended levels of pH, water hardness and total alkalinity. Water should be balanced each time it is changed and monitored and adjusted periodically. Unbalanced water can cause corrosion and etching of pool surfaces and lead to a build up of salts or scale formation on equipment and pool surfaces. It can also lead to some personal discomfort.

The amount of carbonates and hydroxides dissolved in water is referred to
as total alkalinity (TA). The ability of water to resist changes in pH, and hence be most effective for
comfort and sanitation, is influenced by its TA. The TA range of 80-150ppm is recommended to
maintain optimal "buffer" properties.

Water hardness is the measurement of calcium in water. Most New Zealand waters are too soft and are improved when a water hardener, such as Calcium Chloride, is added. The recommended range is 150-300 parts per million.

The pH scale identifies the level of acidity or alkalinity of water. Water that is either too acidic (low value) may cause personal discomfort and lead to corrosion. Water that is too alkaline may reduce the effectiveness of chlorine sanitisers and lead to cloudy water conditions and scaling of surfaces. The pH range between 7.2 and 7.6 is recommended.

Water purification or sanitising refers to the disinfecting of water by killing bacteria and controlling algae growth. This is important so that the water is both safe and comfortable for bathing.

The most common water purification processes for spa pools is the use of spa chlorine or bromine tablets. Both of these processes offer continuous sanitation by virtue of the amount of residual chemicals maintained in the water.

Non chemical processes of ozone and oxygen shock are becoming more and more popular. Products
such as Spa Magic along with Oxygen shock work well. We also can install a UV system in your spa
that dramatically reduces the need for chemicals in your water.

Chlorine, in its unstabilised form, is an active sanitizer. Dichlor (often referred to as spa chlorine) is the stabilised form and allows residual chemicals to be

maintained for some time. Dichlor is a water-based chemical sanitiser that kills bacteria by oxidising,
comes in a powder form and is usually added after bathing. Its active ingredient is sodium
dichloroisocyanurate. It is recommended that "Free Chlorine" is maintained in the 3-5 ppm range.

Bromine is another water-based chemical sanitiser that kills bacteria by oxidising. It contains both chlorine and bromine and comes in a tablet form. Bromine tablets are slow release and therefore need a floater or feeder system for efficient dispensing. Bromine does not produce the same odour or irritation effects that chlorine can and is effective over a wider pH range. Maintenance of residual bromine at 4-8 pm is recommended. Bromine can tend to be a more expensive process than Dichlor.

An ozonator may be used to reduce reliance on chemical sanitisers. Ozone is a naturally occurring purifier. The use of ozonators in spa pools as a means of purifying water, with much less dependence on chemical sanitisers, is increasingly popular.

Oxygen shock is a non-chlorine sanitizer that has strong oxidising powers. It is highly effective in oxidising organic contaminants in a relatively short time. It is particularly useful as a shock treatment where water is in urgent need of attention. However, it does not have any residual properties and does not provide a continuous sanitation safeguard between doses. The active ingredient is potassium peroxymono-sulphate and pools dosed with Oxygen Shock may be used after 15-20 minutes.

Water can be easily checked with special purpose test strips and the process takes just a few seconds. These test strips check for both water balancing and residual sanitation capacity. If additional chemicals are recommended you simply add them and then retest.

Some people may be allergic to chlorine which shows up as a rash in sensitive areas. We recommend Spa Magic in this situation. Oxygen shock is effective if used regularly and bathing use monitored. Having an Ozone/UV system fitted to your spa also greatly assists in this area.

The odour is usually attributed to chloramines being formed as a by-product of the normal sanitizing process. Most often this occurs when insufficient "free chlorine" remains in the water and is easily remedied by a shock dose (2-3 normal amounts) of spa chlorine or oxygen shock.